Don’t Leave Me This Way Pet Sitting has been given special permission to post the below copyrighted story by a special little girl, Serena Flanders, who wrote this last year when she was just turning nine.  The story won the “REFLECTIONS” award, which is a national, public school creative arts program. There are several art catagories for all grades. She chose Literature, the theme of the year was “Diversity Is” and she won in her school for 3,4,5th grade writing.

Enjoy, and look for this budding little author in the years to come! 

-Lorraine Hough



Book One






Serena Grace Flanders



Page 2

  The Story of Me


          Okay ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the amazing story of Kreska.  Woo Hoo!!! “Thank you, thank you!”  I am going to tell you a story about me.  Yes, that’s right, me.  And talk about diversity….my fur colors are light brown, black, gray and even some white and tan. They say my ancestors are poodles, Irish wolfhounds, Jack Russel terriers, beagles and maybe even a shepard. All right, all right on to the story….Now back when I was little, my mother called me Knight. I don’t know why but she just did. We lived in a pet store and from the day I was born I just felt that everything was going to be all right.  But then I found out that I was wrong. No one would buy us, so after a few months the storeowner threw us out on to the street in a big brown box…and I never saw my mother again.  My brothers and sisters were scared…not ME, I was brave. After a few nights….well I have to admit… I was starting to get scared.  Finally I sensed that we had to get out of there, so as I was climbing out of the box it tipped it over! At last we were free and my brothers and sisters scattered in all directions.  I cried, “Wait for me!” but they didn’t, they just ran.  I tried to follow them….I REALLY DID, but it was too late…..all of them were gone.  I began to whimper and then I remembered what my mom used to tell me: “A knight is always brave no matter how scared she is.” I could almost see my mom smile at me and I smiled back.  I stopped whimpering and said to myself, “Now if I were a knight where would I go first?” Then I said to myself, “Find a safe place to sleep of course!” and so I trotted away, as happy as I could be.


          Finally, after a long time (I didn’t notice I had wandered into the woods)

I came to a tree with a hole in the bottom.  That looked like a good place to sleep, so I climbed in and I….snoozzzzzzzz.  Suddenly there was something shining in my eyes. I quickly sat up! I looked around and sniffed, it smelled like fresh pine. I crawled out of the tree and looked up…THE SUN! It was morning already. The sun had woken me up.  “It’s day two”, I thought. I decided that a fearless knight would look for food and water first, so I stretched and went to find nutrition.

          Soon I came to a dirt road with car tracks on it.  I looked up.  The sun was higher in the sky than it had been when I woke up this morning.  I looked down at the tracks again. I hadn’t had a thing to eat since we left the pet store.  I kept looking at the tracks.  Suddenly I smelled something….maybe it was a turtle? What?  Turtles smell disgusting at the pet store!  I sniffed again. No, it couldn’t be a turtle, it smelled delicious!  I sniffed once more and realized it was bacon!  I followed my nose and the car tracks and heard the bang of pots and pans.  I had

to make a decision quickly….so I raced down the middle of the tracks. (That was

where the smell was coming from of course.) I ran until the tracks ended at an odd looking building which I later learned, was called a trailer home.




Page 3


          The amazing smell was coming from one of the windows.  Without thinking I rushed up to the door, It was then I realized my stomach was growling…. REALLY HARD!  The delicious smell became overwhelming and I couldn’t take it anymore.  I jumped up on the door and started scratching soooo hard!  Suddenly the door slowly opened and I froze.  Looking down at me was a red haired man with a twinkle in his eye and a crooked smile.  I was terrified and just about to run when I heard his kindly voice say, “Well hello old girl. Where did you come from?” He looked kinda…just kinda honest.  Then he said, “Gheez, you must be hungry.”  He looked around the trailer and squatted down  beside me…close….too close. I stepped back a little and he whispered, “Wanna have breakfast with me?” I was really hungry and scared, but then I heard my mother’s voice again say, “A knight is always brave no matter how scared she is.”  I smiled when I looked at the old man and he said, “Well come on in, it’s getting cold.” I glanced at the woods and then back at him and then I barked a “yes” and tiptoed on in.  This turned out to be the first of many breakfasts I would share with the man they called Old Red.        Our days were spent working in his garden, taking long hikes in the early mornings and visits from Marjarita, the milk woman.  Old Red named me Monkey because I loved to have a banana every night before bed.  On cold nights I would snuggle up with him and we became closer and closer every day.


          Then came the night I would never forget. We were laying in bed together when I suddenly heard a noise. I decided it was just an old siren so I tried to ignore it.  Then I realized it was getting closer.  Finally it got so close and loud that I became frightened!  I started barking. Old Red woke up.  “What is it Monkey?” he asked. That’s when the trouble started a’brewin’.  The door burst open and there stood three men.  One of them said, “Where’s the treasure old man?  We know you’ve got it!”  Old Red said, “What do you mean?  I don’t know anything about a treasure”.  “Where is the treasure!” the robber said again.  Old Red kept trying to explain that he didn’t know what they were talking about. As for me, I was barking as hard as I could and nipping at the robbers ankles. “Get away you black thing!” one of them yelled to me.  I yapped more and all of a sudden I heard a loud POP!  Old Red fell to the ground, blood rushed down his side, everything went silent for a moment.  I stopped barking and nipping and looked up at the robbers. That’s when I noticed their knives, chains and guns.  I shivered- Old Red was dead!  I rushed to him and started licking his body to stop the blood from coming out. While I was doing that the robbers tore the house apart.  When they realized there was no treasure they left

our house and slammed the door before they took off on their motorcycles.  I looked around at the mess and realized I was alone once again.






Page 4


          For a few days I ate what food was out.  I lived on bananas, oranges and apples.  I could not find a way out until days later, when Marjarita came by to deliver the milk. I started barking immediately and she came in and said, “Monkey, Old Red?” When she saw Old Red dead on the floor she screamed and ran to his side. Then she looked at me and said, “You poor girl, you’ve been stuck in here for a long time.” She took me in her arms and cradled me until the police arrived. When they got to us I knew I had to go.  I burst out of her arms and raced out of the front door.  Marjarita yelled. “Monkey wait!” but I couldn’t, and kept on running.  My heart raced and tears filled my eyes but I didn’t look back…not once.

          I ran until I could not run anymore and I collapsed in a bed of leaves. Month after month after month I spent going from street to street from garbage can to garbage can. Somehow I managed to survive.  Late that summer, as I was head first in a garbage can just getting ready to grab a tasty, leftover hamburger,  something wrapped around my body.  I looked up and gulped.  A man was looking down at me and carried me to his van in a net.  I knew I was headed to THE POUND and I had heard awful stories about that place. We drove in the van forever it seemed and finally ended up a small driveway.  He got out and carried me to the door of the building. He opened it and walked inside.  “I found this on the street” he said to a woman sitting at the front desk. “A stray eh?” she said. “Put it out in the stray zone. We’ll put it down tomorrow.”  So the guy took me to the “stray zone” whatever that meant. He put me in a cage and I fell asleep as soon as he went away.

I awoke to the sounds of people talking, dogs barking and cats meowing. Then boom!  I remembered I was going to be put down today.  I could hear different voices coming from the office. “Let me have her!”  I heard an angry woman demand. “Fine!” another voice yelled. Then, a woman I had never seen burst into the room.  She got me out of my cage, gave the woman at the front desk some money and we went outside to her truck.  “I’ll name you Rizzo” she said to me. We drove for miles and when we got to the rescue shelter she cleaned me up, cut my long hair and took me to a doctor.  There I stayed with all the nice people until one day a little girl and her mom came to visit. As soon as I saw them I got a funny feeling in my tummy. I heard the daughter say, “Awh, can we get this one mom?  PLEEEZZE!”  “We will have to talk with daddy first” said the mother, and they left. A few days later they came back.  This time they had the daddy with them. The daddy must have liked me because he bought me.  When I got into their car I was really scared. But then I remembered my mother saying, “A knight is always brave, no matter how scared she is.”  When we got to their house and they named me Kreska, I knew that this was my forever home.  Maybe everything IS going to be all right.





































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