Every once in a while we’ll post a special pet sitting story here:


Dogs and The Love of a Pet Sitter  –  I met a new client recently and her dog.  Sometimes the love between an owner and the dog is so touching.  Her dog had had a prolapsed disk and had extensive surgeries, which led to complications.  The vet said he wouldn’t make it – the owner thought differently.  He did survive, but needed therapy, and with the medical costs it amounted to thousands and thousands of dollars, but he keeps improving and now can get up and walk with just a little help from behind.  All of this took place in Australia and the owner and her husband needed to move to Utah, related to work, and this was another $8,000 expense just to transport their dog.  He made it and they moved into their nice new home.  Can you imagine how you would feel at those times when you need to to leave such a dog that has your heart so entirely and been through so much?  That’s where I came in.  I was honored that this woman, who didn’t know me, would trust my Don’t Leave Me This Way Pet Sitting company to care for her dog.  Myself and the sitter fell in love with him immediately.  He had the kindest eyes I’ve ever seen.  We learned exactly what would be needed to care for him properly and help him up.  The owner opted for a live-in service, which we gladly provided.  She noted that by the time of scheduled visits there would be a new indoor swimming pool built just for the dog so he can swim, and an elevator, so he can get to the second floor.  Doesn’t it make you just want to cry knowing how much this dog is loved?  We’re so honored to be his sitter and can’t wait to spend time with him.



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