Dog Walks & Pet Visits

Your fur babies can get lonely when they are left at home during the day or when your daily responsibilities make it hard to get them outside for a walk. Our professional dog walking and pet visit services from fully bonded professionals in South Jordan can help relieve the boredom and get them the exercise they need to maintain good health.

Benefits of Dog Walking Services

Professional dog walking services offer your pup many benefits:

  • Improved health: many breeds of dogs need daily exercise to stay healthy and avoid problems later in life.
  • Stimulation: getting your dog outside can stimulate their senses and allow them to explore the world around them outside of your home or apartment.
  • Socialization: a stroll with a professional dog walker can give your pet a chance to see other people and animals and learn how to socialize around people and pets.
  • Better behavior: when your dog doesn’t get enough exercise they can get restless and start acting out. Regular walks tire them out so they are calm when they get home.

As a dog parent, you get the peace of mind knowing that your pup is well taken care of and that they are getting the attention they need from our professional dog walking services.

Benefits of Pet Visits

You might worry about leaving your dog or cat all alone during the day when you have to work or leave for other reasons. Pet sitters can come and visit your fur baby during the day to keep them company and make sure they have the care they need.

A pet sitter in South Jordan can do a range of things during a pet visit:

  • Drop in for a short period of time to keep your pet from getting lonely
  • Feed your pet while you are gone
  • Administer medication or give injections
  • Give some love and personal attention
  • Participate in play time or other exercise

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